I’m available to teach the following classes for real estate or law offices. I come to offices for free, so please ask. At the same time, I also do trainings for hire. Each class can be tailored to fit a time slot in your office meeting. I prefer to lead discussion and present information in a very interactive way where we can discuss issues throughout the presentation. It’s usually best to have anywhere from 30-45 minutes, though a brief update with a Q&A can also be useful. I am available for hire for anything beyond one hour. I have some excellent two and three-hour classes.

Choosing Comps Like an Appraiser: How do appraisers choose comps? How do appraisers view using price per sq ft in real estate? Let’s talk through some methodologies and practical examples (recommended 45-60 minutes).

How to Think Like an Appraiser: This is a class to walk through how to more effectively work with appraisers and learn how appraisers think about many issues such as comp selection, how to make adjustments, using price per sq ft in real estate, appraising that larger home in the neighborhood, interpreting market trends, etc… We’ll walk through many examples and even use MLS to learn how to comp out some interesting properties. This is a 3-hour class that has had amazing feedback. It can be done in a large group setting or an office. This is Ryan’s favorite class to teach because it always leads to good conversation with agents as well as many “light bulb” moments where concepts will begin to make better sense for participants. Call for pricing information.

Sifting the Changing Real Estate Market: The market has certainly changed over the past year. This session goes over current trends impacting the real estate market. We’ll talk about the forces that are driving the real estate market to help shape values. What is market value? What issues are appraisers facing in today’s market? How can you best communicate with appraisers in the midst of so much change?

Appraisal forms imageTop Items to Look for When Reviewing an Appraisal: When you get an appraisal report, do you actually read the report? Or do you just look at the bottom-line value? What should you look for to know if the report is solid or not? In this class we will look at an example 2-page appraisal report and go over 10 quick things to review in the appraisal. Becoming an expert at reading appraisals will help you serve clients better, understand what appraisers are thinking and even challenge bad appraisals.This can be a very quick 10-15 minute presentation if need be.

How to Make Graphs Using Neighborhood Data from MLS: Knowing how to work with numbers is very powerful for business. It makes you look like an expert to the public and clients when you can visually show on a graph what is happening in a neighborhood market. Yes, we all have access to Trendgraphix, and it’s an amazing tool, but imagine being able to draw very precise neighborhood boundaries in MLS and then extract data to show EXACTLY what is happening in the immediate neighborhood – not just the zip code or larger area. This can help with listing presentations, price reductions and even bolstering your online presence. Since so few agents make graphs like this too, it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd. Class members will need to bring a laptop with Excel (or you can download a freeware version of Excel). Minimum class size is 5. See “market trends” for examples of some of the graphs I make to help show what the market is doing.

fha logoOverview of FHA Property Standards: Since FHA is fairly common in the market, it’s important to understand the nuts and bolts of what appraisers look for during an FHA appraisal inspection. What does it take for a property to meet FHA minimum requirements? This class will help when listing and marketing a property as well as communicating with your clients. See my FHA appraisal articles for reference.

How to Challenge a “Bad” Appraisal: Have you had a bad appraisal on one of your deals? What can you do when an appraisal comes in lower than it should? This class goes through really helpful points to be able to communicate with an appraiser, and it also gives you a specific format to help you prepare a solid reconsideration of value. Knowing what to say and how to format your thoughts can be a huge asset for your business.

Effective Blogging for Real Estate: Real estate blogging has been a big part of my business and it’s something I enjoy doing too. Blogging is an opportunity to share knowledge, build relationships and connect with existing and potential customers. If done right, a blog can help build credibility and expertise for your real estate business as well as serve as a place where potential clients can feel you out before deciding to do give you a call. This class is full of tips, how-tos and gives a framework for creating original content too. Check out my real estate appraisal blog or “tips for real estate blogging” to get a sense of my blog philosophy.

How to Make Solid Real Estate Videos: Video is a very powerful tool for sharing information and connecting with clients. A good video can help build trust and convey professionalism for your brand, but a bad video can accomplish the opposite. This class will be very practical as we discuss how to create videos that help you stand out (in a good way). We’ll actually edit a video in class so agents can have hands-on experience knowing what to do. I create videos regularly for clients, non-profit ventures, my Sacramento appraisal business and to promote YPC events through the Sacramento Association of Realtors. I also started a real estate video site called “Sacramento Real Estate Tube”.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to book a class. Call, email, or text message and I’ll get back to you promptly.

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