Bail Bond

We are a family-oriented company and we assist home owners and families who are in need of posting bail. We know the incarceration of a loved one is very difficult, even if only for a brief period of time, so we are available to serve your needs. We understand the process involved in appraisals for bail, and also that time is of the essence. 

These types of valuations are what we call “drop everything at once appraisals” because when we get the call to take on an assignment like this, we literally stop working on what we are doing, get out to your property for an immediate inspection, and wrap up the appraisal very quickly for you. We serve families in multiple counties throughout the Greater Sacramento Region.

We are glad to talk with you to figure out if our services might be relevant for your needs. Additionally, if we are too busy to handle a swift appraisal for you, we are very happy to recommend a qualified and professional appraiser outside of our company. It is most important for you that you get a solid value and that the appraisal is done right away.

Lundquist Appraisal Company
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