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06/30/2016 Inman SF Bay Area
Sacramento housing boosted by Bay Area refugees

06/20/2016 RealtyTrac
June Housing News Report (PDF – pages 17-21)

05/13/2016 The Sacramento Bee
New Sacramento Kings coach searching for horse ranch with short commute

05/10/2016 Sacramento Business Journal
Looking for a home this summer? Good luck, says Sacramento appraiser

05/06/2016 CBS Sacramento (Channel 13)
Story on rising rents (link coming soon)

03/04/2016 Interview with Jay Stoops on 105.5FM
A 20-minute conversation on appraisal issues (video)

12/20/2015 CBS Sacramento (Channel 13)
Sacramento Real Estate Market Expected to Rise (video)

12/15/2015 Sacramento Business Journal
Why Blackstone is still investing in Sacramento’s home market

11/12/2015 Sacramento Business Journal
Home buying hotter than a year ago, but 2016 predictions are tempered

10/27/2015 Girls on the Grid
Adventures in Sacramento’s Real Estate / Rental Market

08/13/2015 Sacramento Business Journal
Home market stays strong through summer – but there is an asterisk

08/11/2015 CBS Sacramento (Channel 13)
$428,000: Oak Park home sale brings hope for resurgence

07/23/2015 CBS Sacramento (Channel 13)
Sacramento home sales volume hits three-year high

06/08/2015 Nathaniel Miller (of the Sacramento Bee)
People of Sacramento Commenting on the News Series

05/13/2015 Sacramento Business Journal
Housing market continues slow simmer

03/11/2015 Sacramento Business Journal
February sees more above-average figures in home sales

03/01/2015 Comstock’s Magazine (Print Edition)
Placer County: Where the Good Life Grows

02/12/2015 Sacramento Business Journal
Housing data shows strong start to 2015

11/09/2014 The Sacramento Bee
Sacramento area home could set record with 6.5 million listing

08/13/2014 Sacramento Business Journal
Slower real estate market could just be normalizing

06/23/2014 The Sacramento Bee
It’s better at the top: Upscale home buyers have advantage in today’s tough market

04/17/2014 The Sacramento Bee
Sellers’ market has few homes

04/08/2014 Sacramento Business Journal
Decline of cash home sales doesn’t mean market is dead

03/07/2014 Sacramento Business Journal
What it Takes to be Influential on Twitter

01/17/2014 Curbed National
Curbed commented on my Legos post and linked to it

01/16/2014 AOL Real Estate
Appraiser’s lessons about home-selling, crafted in Legos

01/06/2014 Inman News
2013: The year real estate meme’s broke (article mentions my term “parcel mullet“)

12/18/2013 Sacramento Business Journal
Year in review: Investors leave market on residential market

11/23/2013 Ellington Marketing Solutions
How real estate appraisers can take advantage of social media

09/27/2013 Sacramento Business Journal
Investors help revive home market

09/06/2013 Sacramento Business Journal
Doing too much, too often creates social media fatigue

09/03/2013 Orange County Register
Home pools produce more pleasure than profit

07/12/2013 Sacramento Business Journal
Home market settles a bit as rates, prices begin to rise

06/07/2013 Sacramento Business Journal
Ryan Lundquist, founder, Lundquist Appraisal Co.

05/31/2013 Sacramento Business Journal
Appraiser sees warning signs in market

05/17/2013 Sacramento Business Journal
Sacramento housing affordability not improving

05/07/2013 Sacramento Business Journal
Cash-only condo sales on the rise

04/30/2013 Sacramento Business Journal
Want a house? That’ll be cash only please

03/21/2013 RealtyTrac
RealtyTrac’s March 2013 Foreclosure News Report (FNR)

03/11/2013 The Sacramento Bee
It feels like a Sacramento housing boom, but is it?

02/28/2013 Bigger Pockets Podcast
Making Appraisals Work For You with Ryan Lundquist

12/14/2012 Sacramento Business Journal
Housing market benefits as more young families seek homes

11/25/2012 The Sacramento Bee
Big investment firm (Blackstone) buys hundreds of houses in Sacramento area

11/15/2012 Sacramento Business Journal
Positive news on the negative equity front

11/09/2012 Sacramento Business Journal
Foreclosures aren’t that great of a bargain

11/09/2012 Sacramento Business Journal
Some worry that investment funds are distorting housing market

09/05/2012 Sacramento Business Journal
Homebuyers starting to pay higher prices as investor market dominance wanes

09/01/2012 California Real Estate Magazine
The Problem with Appraisals

05/11/2012 Video shot for Fox40 News
A segment highlighting the use of video in local business

05/03/2012 Sacramento Business Journal
Real estate professionals embrace social media

04/13/2012 Sacramento Business Journal
Video grows into vital marketing tool

01/11/2012 Internet Radio Show Interview
Interview with Tamara Dorris on FHA Appraisals

06/21/2010 Sacramento Business Journal
Rancho Cordova names All-America City

Video Interviews with Local Realtors
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