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Rancho Murieta is a CDP in Sacramento County off of Jackson Road and has somewhat of a secluded feel due to its location miles away from other suburban tracts. The community consists of two separate parts called Rancho Murieta North and Rancho Murieta South. Rancho Murieta is a retirement community to many, and is also attractive to many families. As of November 2009 Rancho Murieta has the second lowest unemployment rate in Sacramento County at 3.9% per EDD (Gold River is 2.1%).

What’s been happening the Rancho Murieta real estate market? Below are two graphs consisting of all single family detached sales and listings in Rancho Murieta per Sacramento area Metrolist. What do you see? Does anything stand out to you?

Rancho Murieta Sales from 2007 through 2009 by Lundquist Appraisal Company Trend Graph

Rancho Murieta Sales and Pendings and Listings During 2009 by Lundquist Appraisal Company

I’d be very curious to hear from home owners in Rancho Murieta about their community. What do you enjoy most about RM? What do you think your neighborhood has to offer to prospective buyers? How has Rancho Murieta fared during the housing bubble burst? What sort of impact do you think the foundation troubles in Rancho Murieta South has had on the RM market?

www.lundquistcompany.com/blog Rancho Murieta Real Estate Market Trends


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