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The Lundquist Appraisal Blog is taking an exciting step. We have officially moved all content to a new location with a new design too. All articles will now be published at  

wemovedOur new website is really an opportunity to create a domain that will compliment our main appraisal website as well as offer an easy-to-remember domain name. All original content developed here has already been transferred to the new site so that articles will be searchable in one place still. You can expect quality writing, in-depth market research, conversations about real estate and life, podcasts, and other local stuff we like to talk about.

Thank you to so many for following along and making this past year a successful beginning. Please join us on the new site and tell your friends. You can subscribe by RSS or get posts delivered to you by email.

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I’m disheartened to hear stats on President Obama’s “Making Home Affordable” program. So far it doesn’t look like the program is working very well (at all). A CNN article last week stated ”The administration projected that between half and three-quarters of applicants would have new mortgages at this point. As of the end of November, the number is 4.3 percent.” That’s not good.

In light of this less-than-wonderful news, I thought it would be interesting to use the “Obama Cam” app on my mobile phone to snap a few images of some local REO and Short Sale properties in the Sacramento area. The “Obama Cam” application overlays an image of President Obama (17 to choose from) on any picture taken with my mobile phone (an Android G1).

These images are in no way meant to belittle the President, make a political statement for any political party, or even rant about the Making Home Affordable program. There is actually a deep element here for me since the shots juxtapose governmental programs with real life local distressed properties. I’m reminded of the ever-present struggle in today’s economy for so many households, that recovery is going to take a long time, and also that good intentions in Washington DC do not necessarily translate to good results on “Main Street”.






What do these images evoke in you? Why is the “Making Home Affordable” program not yet working as it should? Please give your two cents and feel free to share your experience. By the way, do you have an app like this on your phone? Your comments are welcome below. ”Obama Cam” Photos in Sacramento


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I wanted everyone to know that I’ll be putting up some posts on This is a great opportunity and I plan to have some fun with it.  You can check out my posts HERE. was designed to give a unified platform and voice to those of us who believe that you, our clients deserve real un-spun facts and the honest real estate truth. It’s your money. It’s your house. You deserve to work with someone who actually understands the complexities and nuances of this market.

All of our writers have been fully-vetted and proven their desire to keep their clients informed. They have comprehensive knowledge of their towns and neighborhoods. They see the bigger economic picture and grasp the impact that global events will have on their local real estate market. They believe that a successful business is built on being completely honest with you, their clients. My Posts on Housing Storm


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twitterI set up a Twitter page, so come along and follow me if you’d like. I’ll tweet about business, personal and community stuff. Don’t worry, there won’t be any blatant and wild over-sharing on my part. If you have any tips for how to maximize Twitter, I am open ears. Unfortunately my full name was not available, so “SacAppraiser” will suffice. The Twitter adventure now begins…


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Some thoughts for business and life.

What appears when your name is typed into a search engine? Business stuff? Personal or family informatoin? Articles mentioning your name? Comments you left on some random website? Pictures from your wild days that shouldn’t be online? Your Facebook profile or personal blog? 

Be honest. Have you ever looked up your name or business on a search engine to see what comes up? I was doing some thinking about this earlier today. Though it might sound narcissistic to some, I’ll admit that I perform regular searches for my name and my companies. Why do I do this? Because it’s good to know what others are saying, and also helpful to filter online content as much as possible. It’s an online world now, so finding out what the search engines are yielding is an important modern reality for many of us, especially for anyone in business.


As an aside, if you have never looked up your name in Zabasearch, I would recommend that. It’s actually very disturbing to see years of personal information available to anyone. Trust me, you might be shocked when you run a search for yourself or family members. 

If you end up doing a search, comment above if you’d like. What did you find? Anything surprising, or was it what you expected? What do you think of Zabasearch? What People Are Saying: Do You Google Your Name or Company?


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This is not related to real estate per se, but I found a fun online tool where you can make free billboard signs using either pictures or fonts. Click HERE and see what you can come up with. I included some examples below of my appraisal companyHVCC, a broker friend named Keith Klassen, and a local Realtor based in Folsom. Enjoy.






What do you think something like this could be used for? Simply fun? Clever marketing? Web design? I’d be curious to hear from anyone on what you ended up doing with your image.  Create a Free Billboard



If you have not seen our two property tax appeal websites, then what are you waiting for? Have a look and let us know what you think.

The screenshot below of is our Sacramento Region property tax appeal website that is geared toward Sacramento County and surrounding counties in the Sacramento area.


The screenshot below of is specific to the “Anatolia” neighborhood in Rancho Cordova. We are very familiar with this neighborhood.


No matter what neighborhood or surrounding county you live in, let us know if you have any questions about the property tax appeal process and how we might be able to help you.  Lundquist Appraisal Property Tax Appeal Websites for the Sacramento Region


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We have a new promo video. What do you think? New Lundquist Appraisal Company Promo Video


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text-message-reminder-for-lowring-property-taxes-sacramento-region1I just added a nifty feature on this website that will remind everyone of property tax appeal deadlines in surrounding counties. Let’s face it, life is busy and it is sometimes difficult to stay on top of these details because of all that we are juggling. So if you are located in the Greater Sacramento Region, Central Valley or Bay Area, feel free to sign up. We don’t need to know each other personally or be connected in any way. Maybe you’re a home owner or someone who happened to stumble on this website. Or maybe you are an agent or broker who will look good when you remind your clients of these important deadlines and what they entail.

All you need to do is enter your phone number and mobile carrier in a sidebar feature to the left and push “Subscribe” (I included an image above in this post of what you need to look for in the left sidebar). Then I’ll make sure to send you a text message prior to July 2, November 30, and anything else that becomes relevant. You will NOT be called, your phone number will NOT be given to anyone, and you will NOT be spammed with texts or solicited for business either. This is simply a helpful reminder for you. Also, if any of your friends or family would benefit from a reminder, you are welcome to send them here too.

If you have any questions regarding the property tax appeal process or property tax appeal appraisals, contact (or text) me at 916-595-3735 or email me at ryan [at] lundquistcompany [dot] com.  Get a Text Message Reminder for Property Tax Appeal Deadlines for the Sacramento Region, Central Valley & Bay Area


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I configured the Lundquist Appraisal Blog to be viewable on the iPhone or any PDA. If you are able, please take a look and let me know if it works on your particular phone. Thank you.

This is what the Mobile Phone View should look like:

lundquist-appraisal-blog-pda-view-0051 Lundquist Appraisal Blog: iPhone and PDA view


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I referred a Realtor just a few days ago to the Rancho Cordova Prospector website. This website enables anyone to search for available commercial properties within the City of Rancho Cordova (lease or sale) as well as list commercial properties for free.

Go to the website and spend a few minutes getting familiar with it. It is fairly easy to navigate and there is even a FAQ section to help out.

This is what the site looks like:


As an example of the power of Rancho Cordova Prospector, when performing a search for available office buildings to purchase within city limits, the following image came up. I was immediately given all addresses of available properties along with the ability to see APN numbers, square footage, and miscellaneous details.  


Moreover, it is possible to further refine your search (as shown below) to  obtain demographics information such as consumer expenditures, local population, workforce, wages, etc… And the icing on the cake is that you can export the data via email, print, Word, Adobe, or Excel.


This is a great resource for residents and anyone in the real estate field to know about. No, I am not paid to mention resources like this. When I see something worthy of talking about, I talk. Finding Commercial Properties in Rancho Cordova (and Listing them for FREE)


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Trivia Question: How many zip codes are there in Sacramento County? (answer below)

I use the California HomeTownLocator website when looking for zip codes of particular cities. This site has been valuable for both business and personal use. I keep the link in my bookmarks since it is a quick reference to obtain zip codes for any city in California as well as search for other information such as census data and county details.


Case in point: Whenever I sign up with a new Asset Management Company for bank-owned properties in the Sacramento Region, they typically ask for a list of zip codes I cover. Instead of having to google each city I work in and find each individual zip code, I simply go to the Home Town Locator site and I get the information I need all in one place. Very convenient.

Triva Answer: There are 145 zip codes within Sacramento County.

california-flag Finding Zip Codes in the Sacramento Region


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