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Ryan Lundquist is a Certified Residential real estate appraiser serving the Greater Sacramento Region. He is FHA approved and does work for brokers, banks, governmental agencies, Realtors, attorneys, home owners and more. Ryan speaks some Spanish too.

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The material and information contained on this website is the copyrighted property of Ryan Lundquist and Lundquist Appraisal Company. Content on this website may not be reproduced or republished without prior written permission from Ryan Lundquist. The information on this website is meant soley for educational purposes and is not intended in any way to support an opinion of value for your appraisal needs or any sort of value conclusion for a loan, litigation or any other potential appraisal-related purpose. The material found on this website is meant for casual reading only. For more detailed market analysis to be used for an appraisal report or any appraisal-related purpose, please contact us for more information. Thank you.


ryan-biggerThis is the blog of Ryan Lundquist, a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser serving the Greater Sacramento Region, Central Valley, & portions of the Bay Area. Topics on this blog include appraisal-related issues, market data and trends, tips and resources for homeowners, industry news, photos from the road, “The Lowest Priced House on MLS”, tidbits for Agents, suggestions for improving neighborhoods, community building resources, and other random stuff.

Lundquist Appraisal Company began in 2003 under the direction of Ryan Lundquist. Ryan enjoys the valuation industry, the ins and outs of appraising, and interacting with clients, local governmental agencies, and home owners. Ryan is an FHA approved appraiser and he continually studies the real estate market to stay on top of current market trends. Over the years Ryan has taken specialized appraisal courses to further his knowledge in the appraisal field. Ryan is a “people person” and is known for excellent communication. Beyond work, his passions include playing the guitar and harmonica, mountain biking, community building, advocacy for the homeless, and  spending time with family. Ryan speaks enough basic Spanish to set up inspections and converse with home owners.

We serve ten counties surrounding the Sacramento area (outskirts of Bay Area, Central Valley, and Greater Sacramento Region). We look forward to serving you soon. Contact Lundquist Appraisal Company today at 916-595-3735 or see our website at



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