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Ryan Lundquist is a Certified Residential real estate appraiser serving the Greater Sacramento Region. He is FHA approved and does work for brokers, banks, governmental agencies, Realtors, attorneys, home owners and more. Ryan speaks some Spanish too.

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Anatolia Neighborhood in Rancho Cordova: Sales, Pendings and Listings over the past 90 Days

What’s the latest in the “Anatolia” neighborhood in Rancho Cordova? How much are houses selling for, and what are properties currently listed for on the market? Here is a quick scatter graph based upon 07/12/09 – 10/12/09 for single family detached residential properties within the defined neighborhood boundaries for Anatolia (well, technically there are no attached units located in Anatolia, but for the casual reader, I wanted to make sure the scope of data was clarified). Please note that there are more listings and pendings on the market in Anatolia, but this graph displays only listings and pendings that came on the market after 07/12/09. The intention of the graph is to display data for what has actually ocurred in Anatolia over the past three months.

Anatolia Neighborhood Rancho Cordova Sales Actives Pendings 2009 Lundquist Appraisal Company

I know, I know, the following sounds like a shameless plug, but this is very important information to understand. As an FYI, here is a video we made regarding lowering property taxes in Anatolia. We have been able to help Anatolia home owners over the past several months put together very thorough valuation reports to contest the level of their property taxes (the report is not a full appraisal OR near the cost of a full appraisal). Keep in mind that the deadline for disputing property taxes in Anatolia is 11/30/2009. 


Keep us posted if you have any questions. You are welcome to comment above, call 916-595-3735 or email Anatolia Neighborhood in Rancho Cordova: Sales, Pendings and Listings over the past 90 Days


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